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The Dodo Man

The saga of the last dodo.

Awards: Finalist Imagine Impact 2.

Tom, Huck & Twain

Psychological fantasy based on the work of Mark Twain.

Awards: UCLA Advanced Screenwriting class, tutor Sy Gomberg.


Fantasy based on the short stories of Ray Bradbury.

Awards: A special personalized autograph here.

Blood Royal

The brief and tragic reign of the last Anglo-Saxon king. Co-written with eminent historian, Mark Ellis.

Awards: Quarter-finalist WOTS 2007; website here.

Arc of the Phoenix

A survivor from the long-lost scoutship ‘Dark Star’ returns to Earth and is drafted on a terrifying new mission.

Awards: Let’s have some music in here, Boiler.

Hypernauts: Cold Comfort

After a Triiad attack damages the Star Rover’s water resources, the hypernauts seek refuge on a mysteriously frozen planet.

Awards: Commission for Ron Thornton’s half-hour Saturday morning sci-fi TV show; produced as Episode 3, ‘Ice Bound.’

The Glitch

An insomniac’s night-life takes on another dimension.

Awards: Opening film and and best science fiction nominee at DragonCon ’08. Finalist BAFTA/LA Short Film Festival.



I am the Ice Master of Kelvin.